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Practical Cybernetics provides services for App Development, React Native, Amazon Web Services and TechnologyOne Enterprise Solutions.


“Julian is a technical wiz that has the most unusual capability of being able to explain complex technical issues in a manner that non-technical folk can understand. A very rare skill indeed.

He is 100% focused on the customer and those of us lucky enough to work with him cannot speak highly enough of him. If only we could clone him!”

CEO and Co-Founder Galaxy 42 Pty Ltd
Richard Hill

“Julian has undertaken specialist work, provided advice and counsel on a number of projects in challenging circumstances. Julian is able to communicate effectively and with precision at all levels of people within an organisation.

He brings extensive experience, humor and a practical approach to all his work, combined intellectual rigor. A true professional.”

Co-Founder Galaxy 42 Pty Ltd
Jon Riethmuller

“My introduction to a software house was working for Julian, and I couldn’t have worked for a better manager.

Julian was a very capable manager being able to draw the line between being professional and fun, whilst ensuring deliverables. The role in Technology One was during a challenging time of complex change for the company, it wasn’t all smooth sailing, but that bought out his best and he thrived.

This enthusiasm towards a challenge was very infectious and to this day still reflects in the way I perform my duties. Julian is also a visionary, being able to come up with innovative and in some cases revolutionary ideas. But he also has the technical expertise to put many of these into practice and/or describe his intent to juniors in a way that made it easy to implement.

I am happy to call Julian a friend and appreciate the years we worked together.”

Senior Solutions Engineer at Emydex Technology
Allan Nielsen

“I had the pleasure of working with Julian whilst we were both employed by TechnologyOne when mobile phones were “bricks”… Julian attacked every technical challenge we threw at him as an opportunity to display his incredible skills and each and every time he went “Above and Beyond” in delivering the solution.

Our paths have recently crossed again and Julian is still dazzling me with his technical knowledge and ability to deliver no matter what I throw at him.”

Account Executive – Local Government Solutions at Datacom
Marc Hiscock


“Julian’s a unique individual who enjoys solving difficult technical problems. He has excellent knowledge in both software and hardware architecture and can be relied on to tackle challenges with both passion and persistence.

He has worked on some key areas of functionality at BookingTimes integrating with different third party systems providing a robust and extensible solution. Julian’s not afraid to provide his own thoughts on a technical issue and will also provide alternate solutions when required.”

Adam Clinckett, CEO

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