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What we do

Practical Cybernetics provides services for App Development, React Native, Amazon Web Services and TechnologyOne Enterprise Solutions.

AWS Architecture Consulting

– Windows on EC2
– Powershell for AWS
– S3
– Amazon Connect

Technologyone Software Integration

– Stored Script Procedures
– Authorisations
– Scripted Payroll Calculators
– Ci Configuration


BookingTimes Integration

Watson Assistant AI Development

Minetest Mod Development for Education

Enterprise Mobile App Development

– React Native
– Android Native
– iOS Native
– Xaramin


From Our Founder

Technology is changing the way people perceive the world. I find the way people interact with technology fascinating. With a background in software engineering, psychology, history and science I see an exciting and challenging future ahead.

I love working with teams and I’m an innovator. I enjoy talking ideas and have the depth of experience and skills to make them happen. My main areas of interest are artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

I am an experienced leader, product manager, speaker, software architect and engineer. I have worked in a mixture of small and large companies, primarily with Technology One, one of Australia’s leading ISVs.

Software technologies I currently work with are cloud services, mobile, social media, enterprise collaboration platforms and wikis.

If we want a bright and positive future, lets build it together!

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